Headless sunflowers

This post has been sitting in a draft state for a little over a week now.  With Halloween just around the corner and the new show on Fox, the title seemed to jump to mind for this post.  We received a decent amount of rain and the heavy heads and weakened soil was too much for two of the sunflowers.  They both fell forward and landed on the zinnias.


Collapsing Sunflowers

Below is a view from behind the follow flower.  You can see where the ground gave way and the plant pitched forward.


Lean on me.. when your not strong…

While I appreciate the zinnias helping out, I figured I better take care of them or they will keep falling over.  This calls for a decapitation!

In order to remove the sunflower head, I resorted to the long handled loppers.  These were two of the smaller sunflowers.  I may need to get a chainsaw for the big fella on the end when his time comes.


Needed the loppers to cut the stem

Now that I have two sunflower heads… what am I supposed to do with them?  Guess that will be my next research project.


Sunflower heads


One of a ‘few’ seeds



Fortunately for me, I have a few helpers to clean up the heads and sample a few seeds.  I don’t think they were too sold on them plain, but my guess is roasted and salted will win over a few more fans.


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