Mutant sweet potatoes

Some days I do feel sorry for my family. They really don’t know what I am going to dig from the garden and serve them next.

On today’s menu is mutant sweet potatoes. After the rains this weekend, I noticed that there were two sweet potatoes protruding from the ground.  Today I went back out and decided I better pull them from the ground before they get discolored and tough skinned.


Sweet potato climbing from the ground


Closer view of the emerging spud

What I pulled from the ground was quite a surprise and appeared to be some abomination.  I can honestly say, I have not seen any sweet potatoes look like this before.  Maybe it is just me, but these all look like stomachs.  I guess they could be a bit like a Rorschach test where what each of us sees tells us about what is going on in our minds.  I was apparently hungry or something.


What the…? Would you eat these?

In the end, after they were cut up and steamed, they looked and tasted like regular ol’ sweet potatoes.  But, if you see my family with third arms, missing ears or second heads, then we can blame it on the fact that we eat the mutant sweet potatoes.


Diced and steamed sweet potatoes


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