Timber!!! Or sunflower harvesting

This past weekend I got a chance to do some work in the garden. A lot of it was just cleaning up and getting ready for winter. The fun part however was harvesting the remaining sunflowers.  The first step was to bring down the plants.  It wasn’t a big task since there was only three remaining plants.  I did need to get a bit bigger tool to take down the largest plant.


The big sunflower is a bit large for the loppers


Needing a bigger tool to bring down the largest sunflower

Now that the trees are down, it is time to chop them up into a more manageable size.  Carrying this one around made me feel like a king.


Septre of the Sunflower King


Sunflower logs

So, how do the sunflower heads look once chopped down and cleaned up?  I got some help from my girls and some neighborhood girls to help show off the gathered harvest.


Sunflower #1


Sunflower #2


The big daddy of the sunflowers this year

Julia and Gabrielle got to show off the largest sunflower head.  It was almost too much for them to hold.

After getting the sunflowers from the garden, it was time to shell a couple that were hanging in the garage to dry.  A helper always makes it go faster.


Removing the seeds


A lot of seeds from one sunflower head

After getting a nice bowl of seeds, we washed them, soaked them in boiling salt water and roasted them in the oven.


After toasting and salting

They turned out pretty tasty.  They aren’t much of an indoor snack though.  Much easier to eat them outside where you can spit the shells out when finished.


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