Is this a Trick or a Treat?

While this is not directly related to MY garden, it seems fitting to share this here. Tonight, we carved our pumpkins for Halloween.  The first two pumpkins were cut open and gutted like the many carved pumpkins before them.  The third one however had a surprise inside.  After cutting open the top I noticed something green inside.  Upon further inspection, it turned out to be a seedling that germinated INSIDE the parent pumpkin.  I’m very curious to see if anyone else has ever seen anything like this before?  It seems like it would have to be a pretty rare event.


Pumpkin seed germinated inside a pumpkin


Closer view of the seedling


2 thoughts on “Is this a Trick or a Treat?

    • In tomatoes!? Really!? I’d love to see that. The conditions must be just right to get those seeds to germinate inside the fruit. From now on it will be like the hunt for four leaf clovers and double yoke eggs. I know they exist, but I will probably never see one again.

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