Winter break is almost over

While you wouldn’t know it by looking at the weather outside, we have now officially entered into spring.  So, that means it is time to wake up, stretch and start planning the 2014 garden.

To start, I took a short survey of the garden beds to see how they fared this winter.  Sad to say, three of the four originally constructed beds are going to require more repairs again this year before planting.  As can be seen by the pictures below, the problems are the same as that of the past couple years.


Broken bed corner


Second broken bed corner

Now, on to more exciting planning, I have started laying out my plan for what and where to plant this years vegetables.  I started off with last years plan and attempted to work in a bit of crop rotation along with my experience in plant spacing.  I had a number of crops that were planted too closely together and while I am sure to do that again this year, I am really trying to learn and give each vegetable its space.

2014 Planting Plan

2014 Planting Plan

Finally today I have done some shopping and preparing my list of seed purchases.  Looks like costs have gone up, not that I should be all that surprised since it seems the cost of everything goes up each year.  I really need to look into saving my seeds from year to year and save some of that money.  I tend to leave them in the garage or some other inhospitable place rendering them less ideal for spring planting.  When seed packets were just a couple bucks it wasn’t that big of a deal but with prices getting up to $5 a packet, the total seed order is getting quite expensive.


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