Twitter anyone?

I have found myself over the past couple years taking more pictures and making more observations than ever make it to the blog. For the most part, this is because I am too busy/lazy to actually turn those fragments into an actual blog post. My thought is that perhaps setting up a Twitter account for the garden may be a way to share these smaller updates more frequently.

Well, today I have finally created a twitter account for @MattsGardenBlog.  If you just can’t get enough of what is happening in the garden and the larger, less frequent posts leave you wanting more, go on over and follow me on Twitter as well.  If you don’t want to bother with a Twitter app or their site, you can also see what I’ve been posting right here on the blob as well.  On the right hand side here is a Twitter Widget which should show the latest tweets.

Where should the garden go next?  Does it need its own Facebook page?  Ohhh, maybe a YouTube video channel.  Then again… maybe not.


3 thoughts on “Twitter anyone?

  1. I have also considered a twitter account. I have a facebook profile, but it seems to be just as hard for me to do on my phone as it would be to put a blog post up; but I also use my phone for personal use and its annoying switching between accounts… Maybe I will consider a twitter as well. Have you found it to be easy?

    • So far, it seems easy enough to use Twitter for the brief garden updates. I have a personal twitter account as well and at least the iPhone app allows you to switch between the different accounts easy enough. I’ll try and update this post in a month or so and report on how well (or not) it works for me.

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