Plant feature: Onions

In this feature post, I am going to focus only on the onions. Growing onions has been a fairly recent addition to the garden. Last year was the first mass planting and it turned out well enough to give it another go this year.

This year, I ordered the same type of onions in a variety pack including red, yellow and white onions.  Only difference was that there were a few less, 225 instead of 300, and they were plants.  Not needing 225 onions, I split the order up three ways with two buddies from work.

I planted the onions back in April into two different areas of the garden.  The first, I planted all three varieties into two rows each.  I spaced these plants far enough apart to give them ample room to grow into giant bulbs.  After planting this area, I realized I still had about 30 plants left.  Having a small area over by the lettuces left, I crammed in all the remaining plants for use as green onions.  To my pleasure, both areas grew quite well.  We have pulled a few of the onions from the ‘green onion’ plot and used them in salads so far this spring.  Although, even though they were planted pretty close together, some of them have grown quite large.

Now for an onion question.  As you will see in the pictures below, many of the onions are growing themselves right out of the ground.  I don’t know if they are ‘floating’ up out of the soil or if the soil is getting washed away from around the bulbs.  The question is … is this normal?  I don’t remember this problem last year.  Should I be covering them back up like potatoes that find their way to the surface?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Okay, enough text for one post.  Now on to the pictures of the onions in their (hopefully) growing splendor.

View of the well spaced onion plot

View of the well spaced onion plot

Row of yellow onions

Row of yellow onions

Row of yellow onions

Row of red onions

Onion popping from the ground

Onion popping from the ground


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