Mysterious traveling pepper

After a walk through the garden tonight, I was just about ready to leave when something out of place caught my eye. “What in the Sam Hill…?”, I thought to myself.  (Now that I type that, what a strange saying… side note, here is a wikipedia page on it.)  Anyway, back to the mystery.  I notice what looks like a green pepper over by the tomatoes.  Surely that isn’t a pepper, that is a whole garden bed over.  As I maneuver back around my overgrown garden I get closer and sure enough, it is a sweet pepper.  After checking the pepper plants, it is one of the red peppers I have been waiting (forever it seems like) for it to turn red.  How in the world did a legless pepper get all they way over there?  Below is a picture of what I originally noticed.


Scene of the incident

Scene of the incident

For a better look at the distance the pepper traveled, take a look at the following video.

At this point… my best guess is a squirrel decided to try and make off with it and either gave up or got spooked and ran off leaving its prized pepper. Anyone have any other thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Mysterious traveling pepper

  1. I think your theory is spot on. I believe the squirrels are also to blame for the Ebola outbreak, the California drought and Kraft Foods’ quarterly earnings miss. J/K – sort of. They’re destructive little buggers – I’m glad they left it intact for you, at least.

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