Sunflowers for roasting

Wow, have I been slacking on the blog. Work has been consuming just about as much of my spare time as possible. If I’m in front of a computer, I’m most likely working.

Anyway, enough complaining. Tonight I carved out enough time to decapitate three of the sunflowers.  I’m planning to take them into work with me and see if anyone there is interested in roasting their own sunflower seeds.  To make things even easier, I’ve even printed a recipe.  I tried this one last year and the seeds turned out tasty.

If anyone else out there is thinking, “Aww, man!  I want to roast some of my own sunflower seeds.  I wish I had a sunflower head of my very own.” Feel free to let me know, I have a few more that have not been cut down yet and would be more than happy get one too you.


Look at all the seeds

Look at all the seeds


Plenty of seeds for roasting

Plenty of seeds for roasting


2 thoughts on “Sunflowers for roasting

  1. No secret to share, just luck. We have a fair number of squirrels around but they don’t seem to bother the sunflowers until I hang them from the tree at the end of the season. Surprisingly the birds don’t bother them either. Of course, now that I have said that, next year they will be decimated. 🙂

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