First harvest of 2015…

… A week later.  I had this post started and mostly finished but somehow it just fell through the cracks.  Finally, over a week late…


One of my favorite vegetables in the garden is the radishes. Not so much because I like to eat them, but more because of how fast they grow. There is always a lot of excitement in the spring when you plant the seeds and seedlings, but for the most part, that is the the beginning of a two month ( or longer) wait on the pay off.  First harvest this year was a few radishes on 5/10/2015.


One thought on “First harvest of 2015…

  1. Look at those picture-perfect radishes! Well done, my garden friend! My radishes tend to be long, spindly, wormy and inedible, and mostly for pest protection, though I do have a few Daikons about which I am very hopeful. Nice to see how it’s done right.

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