Sci Fi flowers and first timers

Here is a miscellaneous post on a couple non-garden topics.

First up, Sci Fi space odyssey flowers. These cool flowers are growing in the wife’s flower garden. They remind me of some cover art on a futuristic science fiction novel. Here on the planet Earth, these flowers are known as Columbine (or Aquilegia if you are one to go by the Genus names of your flowers).

Flower Power Spaceship

Flower Power Spaceship

This style of spaceship would have fit in well in a Sci Fi series of books I read a while ago called the Saga of the Seven Suns. Some friends and I read the book a number of years ago and we lost a few along the way when some of the spaceships turned out to be flying trees and made out of sea shells.  A few of us made it through all seven of the books though.

A flight of three flower ships leaving their base

A flight of three flower ships leaving their base


Second random topic for this post is about first time gardeners. We’ve all been there. Thinking we can plant far more of those tiny plants in a huge garden bed only to find out after a couple months that those tiny plants grow quite a lot and the tags are not lying when they say to plant them 2 feet apart.  In the community where I live, the city built a community garden and this is its first full year.  They have done a great job building very nice 4’x8′ raised beds and almost all of them are now occupied and planted.  A few caught my attention looking a bit on the crowded side.  One however made me stop in my tracks and take a picture.  You name it, they had it planted in there.  Multiple tomato and pepper plants.  Peas and carrots.  More ‘crawling’ plants than I could count.  Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Zucchini, Watermelon and why not, throw in a Pumpkin for good measure.  Finally to cap it all off, a pretty border of marigolds to keep the bugs out.  I plan to peek in on this garden throughout the summer and see how it holds up.

Not counting the family gardening growing up, I have been ‘solo’ gardening for about 15 or so years now.  I an STILL learning that you can’t plant things too close.  One of these days I’ll learn.  I have six times the spaces as they have and still keep overcrowding.  Hmm, maybe if I had more beds…

Looks pretty now but just wait...

Looks pretty now but just wait…




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