Happy Father’s Day

For Father’s Day this year, my loving wife got me a new weather station. Ever since the last one stopped talking to the computer, I’ve been operating with a little less data than the last few years.  The old system (Ambient Weather WS-2080) had a few too many hops to get the data from the sensors in the garden up to the internet.  Sensors collect the data and transmit them wirelessly to the console in the house.  Console then connects to a Raspberry Pi which periodically pulls the collected data off.  The software on the Pi then formats the data and sends it up to Weather Underground as well as my own local web server.  The part where the Raspberry Pi pulls the data from the Weather Station Console has been broken for a few months now and nothing I have been able to do has corrected the issue.

Enter the brand new Ambient Weather WS 1400-IP.  The beauty of this design is that it drops out the middle man.  As much as I love pie, the Raspberry Pi and the full up PC before it, was the weak link in the operation.  Actually, both of those computers and the software they were running were fine, the interface to the Weather Station console was a bit flaky.  Either way, that middle component is not necessary with this new station.  The new data flow is that the sensors in the garden collect the data and wirelessly transmit it to a small and easy to hide receiver (selling point with the wife).  This received is connected up to the home network and directly sends the data up to Weather Underground.  Only thing that this does not do is create a local weather page of the data.  With some custom software, I think I could get that working as well, but have not decided if it is worth it or not.

Another neat thing about this new station is that it uses rechargeable batteries in the sensor station and they are recharged by the solar panel mounted on the front.  It also has a sensor to collect sunlight information such as solar energy and UV data.  Not real sure what I am going to do with that information, but cool to look at nonetheless.

Now, let’s hope the rain lets up a bit around these parts.  I’d like to get a rain or two to test the rain gauge, but I’d be more than happy if it waited a few days first.  Looking at the yard, it seems we are growing more mushrooms than grass.

New Weather Station!

New Weather Station!

Old system on the left.  New system on the right.

Old system on the left. New system on the right.

New Weather Station overlooking the garden.

New Weather Station overlooking the garden.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. First, your wife is THE BEST! Second, wait …WHAT? I didn’t even know you could do this!!!!!!!!! I’ve downloaded just about every weather app on my phone, none of which I love, BTW, but I thought that was as good as I could get. You just opened my eyes, Burns!

    • LOL!! I messed with it for quite a while but never could get it to talk. Seems the issue was more on the other end of the USB cable. Heck, maybe it was even the cable that was bad. Who knows. So far, new one is working well so I am not looking back.

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