Sad year for the onions

The long string of rainy and cool days took their toll on the onions this year. They are also planted in the least sunny of the six beds which probably didn’t help. Either way, a couple of family members who love onions are not too happy with this news.

Very unhappy patch of onions

Very unhappy patch of onions



3 thoughts on “Sad year for the onions

  1. Aww! For me (in Northern Virginia), we’ve had incredibly hot, humid weather and a TON of severe thunderstorms (with flooding and hail, etc.) that have left my vegetables strained. I think my three potted tomatoes aren’t going to make it. My basil is LOVING this weather, and the flowers are doing quite nicely, but the vegetable garden is struggling.

    With onions, though… since they are long-season veggies, won’t there still be a chance for them to make up the development if you just leave them in? Or is it pretty much a done deal at this point?

    • I believe I have read that once the green foliage has died off, they are done producing the bulbs and it is time to pull them. I haven’t pulled mine yet, partly busy and partly just hoping they will still magically grow somehow. 🙂

      Sorry to hear the growing conditions in your part of the country are not as favorable either. We actually had a very nice weekend here, so maybe that will drift your way over the next few days and give your garden and needed break.

      • Ah! Yep, I’ve heard that as well. I have a few onions that match yours; they are browned and floppy, and the onions underneath are TINY. They are supposed to be “Red Creole” medium-sized onions, but… nope. We have had SO MUCH RAIN, and more is on the way! I’m noticing a few gardens around me that are pretty bare, too. There’s something about seeing others’ gardens in the same state that makes me feel a BIT better….

        I really hope that your onions, though small, still taste yummy. Just call them a “pearl varietal.” LOL!

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