Bring on the heat!

The temperature and humidity jumped up to ‘normal’ July levels this weekend and while some of the plants in the garden were not as thrilled with it, the tomatoes enjoyed the heat.   Temperatures topped out around 90 with a heat index well over 100.  There were some blushing brides earlier in the week but finally tonight there were a few that were red (or orange) enough to pick. They actually looked a lot redder until I brought them into the house.  One poor fruit was still green but decided to jump ship early so I will see if it can ripen on the counter.

First tomatoes of the year

First tomatoes of the year



2 thoughts on “Bring on the heat!

  1. Ooh! You have LOVELY tomatoes. Mine took a while to ripen as well; since I’m in Virginia, I should have been having tomatoes in June. But nope – monsoon and crazy heat left them green until about two weeks ago. My tomatoes are looking haggard and yellow, but I’m getting cherries, San Marzano romas, and Cherokee Purple beefies. SO thankful the tomatoes are finally here!

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