Easter onions and seedling transplants

Still having trouble getting back into the groove on this garden blog. Here is a combined post to try and get me caught up.

It seems rare enough to get decent weather for Easter Sunday here in Ohio much less a nice one when it falls on March 27th.  Not only was it nice enough for an egg hunt outside, but it was warm enough to even get into the garden.  It has been a warm enough spring that I managed to get my onion plants out already.  I’m calling these my Easter Onions and I am really hoping they come out the color of Easter eggs when it is time for harvest.

Easter Onions

Easter Onions

Jumping ahead a few weeks to just last week, I was able to get back out to the garden and get some of my cool weather seeds started. Nothing too exciting to see here but I planted peas, lettuce, spinach and radish on April 20th. There was rain forecasted and I figured I better get some seeds out there and let mother nature do the watering.

Finally, this weekend it was time to give the poor seedlings locked up in the basement some attention. The tomatoes have outgrown their starter cells and it was time to give them a bit more room for those growing roots.

Seedlings outgrowing their home

Seedlings outgrowing their home

Unfortunately, there were more tomato seedlings than I had pots for.  And even then I will have more tomato plants than what I really need to plant in the garden.  I always feel a little bad leaving a few of the seedlings behind.

A bit more room to grow

A bit more room to grow

Down selected to 16 tomato plants.  Five HoneyBunch and SuperTasty each and six plants of Big Beef.

This year with labels!

This year with labels!

Unlike the mistake of last year, this time I took a bit more time to put in some markers with which tomatoes are which.  😉  Always good to learn from past mistakes.  As many as I make, you would think I would be a lot smarter by now.

Jump started lettuce

Jump started lettuce

Final action of the day was to directly transplant the basement lettuce out to the garden. This was the first year trying this so I’ll be interested to see how it works out. I didn’t do any hardening on these, just chucked them outside. Will be nice to get some early lettuce from the garden if this does work out.

To close out this post, we can start where we began with Easter Onions.  They can be seen in the background of the picture above looking decent so far this year.


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