May not recover from this

The most recent storm that came through last night didn’t seem as bad to me, but the sweet corn seemed to experience it a bit differently. After the earlier storm, it was leaning. This is almost knocked flat. I am not sure this is recoverable.

Corn knocked flat

Corn knocked flat

I spent some time installing some additional string between the posts. I tried to pull up some of the corn and get it up as best I could. I am afraid it won’t be good enough. At least one of the stalks was thinking about shooting up a tassel, so the time remaining to get reestablished is running short. The picture below is where I left off.  Still quite a mess.

After some more string and some careful proping

After some more string and some careful propping

I’ll let it go and see what happens. Maybe something will still come of it. One thing for sure, I can see now that I planted way too dense. Next year I think I need to knock out about 15-20% of the plants and see if that helps.  Always learning.


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