Spring seed starting

A little late with this blog post. I actually started the seeds back on February 26th. Since then they have been growing nicely.

I started off again this year planting some tomato and lettuce seeds. I always have way more plants started than I have room in the garden, so I cut back this year and just started four cells of each type of tomato and the same for three types of lettuce. That left me with two empty rows. After a few days, I decided to go ahead and try something new this year and start my cucumber and zucchini inside too.

Here are the dates so I can refer back to this again next year.

  • Tomatoes and Lettuce planted on Feb 26th
  • Lettuce emerged on March 1st
  • Tomatoes emerged on March 4th
  • Cucumber and zucchini planted on March 5th
  • Cucumber emerged on March 9th
  • Zucchini emerged on March 10th

Below are some pictures because, well, what is the point of a blog without at least a few pictures.


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