In place composting

Going with the whole ‘pile a bunch of grass and leaves in the garden’ approach to composting this fall. I mixed it all together with some of the soil in the bed. We will see what it looks like come spring.



More beans and finally used some compost

On Sunday, I finally got a chance to use some of the compost that I have been trying to make since November. I don’t think it was the best batch, but after working it into the soil I think it will do well. I also got a second planting of green beans int the ground. Two more rows planted in the northeast bed.


Lumpy compost


Composting update

Well it has been a little while since my last status update.  The weather here has warmed up enough to melt the snow and I took the opportunity to check the compost bin.  No real surprise that the contents looked pretty much like they did last time.  It has been quite cold here and I imagined the contents were very frosty for the last couple months.  What did surprise me was that something decided that the plastic compost bin looked worth nibbling on.

Still some composting to go

Still some composting to go

Closeup of the pumpkin  bits from Halloween

Closeup of the pumpkin bits from Halloween

Gnawing Evidence

Gnawing Evidence

More Gnawing

More Gnawing

Winter composting… Not so much

Been a while since I checked in the compost bin. Today the temperature is approaching 50 degrees and the snow has finally melted. Too bad the some of the materials in the compost bin are still frozen. :-(. Oh well, I figured that starting that late in the fall probably wouldn’t work. Below is the latest picture.