Garden Repairs

After 6 years, it is now time to do some repairs on the garden beds.  As I first mentioned in this post, this last winter must have been the final straw for a few of the posts.  What this seems to be is my poor planning and short cuts during construction catching up with me.


First off, I’ll cover the problems.  This isn’t something that had just suddenly occurred overnight.  Take a look back at many of the other blog posts to see examples. Rain Rain is a good one as well as Patiently waiting.  In both of these you can see the center posts being pushed out of alignment from the weight of the soil. As you can see, these beds have been on this road for a while.  Below are a few pictures of the damage.

Side view of boards slipping from the posts

Top down view showing the side boards coming free from the center post.

Boards separated from corner post and soil spilling out.

Repair Plan:

My plan is to now do what I should have done when building the beds and use come quickcrete to better support the posts.  Because the notches for side boards are not always enough to hold them in place, I also plan to pound in a 2×2 on each side of the posts to added extra support.


So, how are the repairs going?  To date (3/31/2012), one post repair is completed with the next one started.  Here are some pictures and notes about the upgrades.

Step 1: Dig out soil from along the edge of the inside of the bed and also dig a hole around existing post.

Digging back the soil from the edge in order to get the sides back in alignment.

Soil removed from the long side of the bed.

Hole dug to expose the post. A fair amount of decay over the last six years.

As can be seen in the picture above, the cedar has held up pretty well above ground, but below or on the inside where it is always in contact with the soil it has not done as well.

Step 2:  Add 2×2 supports to either side of the post.  The goal for these supports is to not only add some additional vertical stability to the post, but to also provide additional area for the side boards to stay in place if/when they slide out from their notches in the post.  The 2×2 supports were driven into the ground about 10 inches further than the bottom of the dug hole.

Center post with new 2x2 side supports.

Side supports from a top-down angle.

Another view of the side supports. Now screwed into the center post.

Step 3:  Dump in some fast setting Quickcrete, add water and wait.

After filling the hole in with concrete.

Step 4:  Before replacing the soil on against the inside, I wanted to add some garden fabric to the inside of the side boards.  The hope is that this will both help keep the soil from eroding out the cracks as well as keeping the weeds and grass from finding its way in.

Inside of the side boards lined with garden fabric.


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